Sapphire Nursery School, Anand Vihar, East Delhi, India
Sapphire Nursery School, Anand Vihar, East Delhi, India B-Block, Anand Vihar, New Delhi Zipcode: 110092
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School Sector: Private school
School Type: Play School
Student Age Range: 2 Years - 6 Years
Duration: 4 years
School Fees Range: Rs. - Per Month
School size: 100 - 200 Students
Dresscode: Uniform
Transport service: Yes
Established Year: 2001
School Language(s): Hindi, English
Average Class Size: 20-30
Meal services: Yes
CCTV Surveillance: Yes
Extra Curricular activities: Dancing, Music, Swimming, Sports
Student–Teacher Ratio: 10:1

Sapphire Nursery School is the most unique school that base its approach on the principles of the multiple intelligence framework of Dr. Howard Gardener, a well re-knowned cognitive psychologist from Harvard University. This Sapphire Nursery School approach prepares the child to the needs of 21st century. The Sapphire Nursery School framework prepares the child to think out of the box, hone their skills, develop individual strengths, experiment, explore and initiate. All these are qualities that will allow students to ride the tide of the information age. Since Sapphire Nursery School understand that every child learns in many ways and each has his own interests and needs, Sapphire Nursery School provide children with multiple access or entry points to a concept, understanding the difference in interests, needs and learning styles. Sapphire Nursery School are committed to raise future ready global citizens, Sapphire Nursery School are innovative and courageous to venture into unexplored territories and Sapphire Nursery School shall achieve this through creating a perfect blend of infrastructural ecosystem, passionate faculty and a unique parental inclusion program. The philosophy of Sapphire is based on the belief ‘Every Child is a Leader’, where children are given wings, the Sapphire Nursery School school also ensures that they develop strong roots. Most importantly, children are loved and made to feel cherished so that they approach life with a positive attitude. In a way, Sapphire ushers the child into a world of possibilities where his personality blossoms. At Sapphire the entire faculty act as facilitator and mentor and endeavours towards chiseling and shaping young minds. They undergo periodic training to keep abreast of the latest teaching methodologies, practices and safety standards relevant to specific age groups.Sapphire truly believes that it is the quality of teachers and teaching methodology which is ultimately responsible for quality education in a school. The Sapphire Nursery School faculty has been trained to master the art of interactive approach in teaching and lot of workshops are organized so that the faculty is a breast with current trends in education. Sapphire Nursery School are compassionate, encouraging, receptive, qualified and trained to global trends. Sapphire Nursery School are true friends, philosophers and guides to the students.
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